Date: 07. August 2018

HABEGGER brings safety to the customer


HABEGGER has recently begun testing its products not only at the company’s own premises in Thun but also on-site at customers’ facilities. For this purpose, it has at its disposal a mobile trailer with a test bench that is capable of conducting dynamic tests with loads of up to 12 tonnes.

A system is only as safe as its weakest point. Regular maintenance and servicing work is therefore essential. It preserves the value, quality and safety of your systems, machines and equipment and also helps to reduce costs.

HABEGGER has therefore extended and expanded its range of services. We now not only offer servicing and maintenance of HABEGGER products, but will also test your PSE, track and wire rope systems, fall arrest devices, and lifting, lashing and sling chains, as well as hall cranes and winches. Many well-known companies already value HABEGGER’s servicing, and we would be delighted to provide a non-binding quote for your equipment too.

Our HABEGGER Safety System delivers extra added value. This digital information system fits in perfectly with the “Labelling” defined in the ISO 9001 standard in relation to the traceability of products. Find out more at:


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Habegger Pueftechnik19

Date: 02. July 2018

HABEGGER celebrates its annivcersary


At the end of June 2018, HABEGGER will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding. Today, the company is synonymous with a diverse range of motor-driven rope pulling machines, which are colloquially referred to as ‘Habeggers’ in German. From a marketing perspective, this represents the ultimate accolade. However, HABEGGER also has much more to offer.

‘Habegger is another term for a grip hoist’ according to the German version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. If you have managed to make your company name synonymous with a product, you surely deserve a pat on the back. But neither the founder, Willy Habegger, nor his successor, Peter Habegger, was content to rest on his laurels. Instead, they continued to refine their portfolio of products and services. Today, HABEGGER is a one-stop shop for the whole spectrum of wire rope hoisting equipment and – in the world of hoisting and conveying technology – is synonymous with innovative products that deliver high added value for customers. In addition, the company offers a wide range of personal safety equipment for fall prevention, as well as workshops and refresher courses.

The company’s in-house expertise is also sold to third parties through services in the areas of manufacturing, servicing, repair, maintenance and engineering in order to make optimum use of capacity. Furthermore, the company is constantly developing digital innovations such as the HABEGGER Safety System (HSS) to ensure the functional reliability of devices in customer use.

The company’s takeover by Jakob AG in Trubschachen, Switzerland, in 2016 gave HABEGGER Maschinenfabrik AG access to attractive synergies and new markets, which it will now gradually tap into over the coming years.

Date: 22. June 2018

On a secure footing with Habegger


HABEGGER Engineering has developed a special base-plate anchoring system for the new arching towers of Circus Knie’s big top. Thanks to the company’s dedication, the project was completed in just a few weeks.

A dancing swarm of drones is not the only part of this year’s Circus Knie programme that embodies the coming together of modern technology and traditional circus performance. Spectators have also recently enjoyed an unobstructed view of the ring now that two of the four large masts that previously held up the tent’s dome have disappeared. The dome is now spanned by a semicircular arch of steel.

This meant that the existing anchoring points put in place specially for Circus Knie on Zurich’s Sechseläutenplatz had to be repositioned. On 4 April, various solutions were discussed at the site. As the circus management preferred an autonomous solution, they quickly opted for the cheap and easy-to-assemble system from HABEGGER.

By 2 May, the base plates could already be anchored to the special rope system and the arching towers could be pulled up and guyed in place. To avoid taking any risks, HABEGGER’s staff used load dynamometers to monitor the forces that occurred during the process.

This demanding project’s successful completion was thanks not least to the agile and flexible commitment of HABEGGER Engineering, which focuses on providing solutions to meet individual and complex customer requirements.

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