Maintenance and repair

Every cable hoisting device has to undergo servicing at regular intervals. You can also be sure that your HABEGGER hoist always delivers what it promises!

The device, its cable and its accessories must be checked by a qualified specialist at least every 2 years (see the label on the relevant device). During this inspection the device is checked for any deformation, signs of wear and cracking.
In addition to this, intermittent checks by specialists are scheduled between inspections as required by the relevant operational conditions.

HABEGGER – Services for third-party products too!
We also maintain third-party products and put them into good and safe working order.

Service check list
When you send us a device, please pay attention to the following issues in order to guarantee the best and most seamless possible service.

• Description of the hoisting device or object to be repaired.
• In the case of hoists, please deliver cable or cables along with the device.
• A description of the fault (where applicable), including your own observations.
• A note containing the invoicing and delivery address!
• Preferred date by which you need the goods to be inspected and repaired.
• Drop off or send the relevant devices to us.
• If you have any further questions, please contact us. We're confident that we'll be able to help you.