Functional principle of HABEGGER
power-driven rope pulling machines

A wire rope of any length serves as the pulling medium. The rope is directed around the driving wheel by the pressure and guiding roller, and pushed out again without any load on it. This driving wheel system is patented.
Force is transmitted from the flanks of the driving wheel via the three-point rocker onto the rope that is looped around the driving sheave. The wire rope can be quickly and easily inserted and removed at any point along its length. There is no longer any need to go to the trouble of threading it in from one end.

Safety and quality

The name HABEGGER stands for quality and the highest levels of safety. This is assured by high-quality materials, ingenious designs and safety devices used in HIT-TRAC rope pulling machines.
A built-in protective device in the form of a sliding clutch or a thermal protection device protects your wire rope hoist from overloading.
The limit switch automatically switches off the electric motor if the load is pulled against the housing.

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