HABEGGER HIT-TRAC 16 E with reel drive
and tubular frame



Dimension sheet 


The wire rope is wound in and out automatically. Your rope lasts longer since it is no longer pulled around corners,
kinked or exposed to unnecessary contamination.
The winding-in device is driven directly by the motor on the unit. The outrigger can be swivelled in for transport.
Your power-driven rope pulling machine stands a few centimetres above the floor and is protected during transport
and in use.
Technical Data HIT-TRAC 16 E
Rated force (pulling, lifting, lowering) 1600 kg
Overload protection by thermocouple  
Rope speed about 10 m/min
Rope diameter 8,2 mm / 11,2 mm
Effective rope breaking load 50 kN / 80 kN
Rope length max. 200 m / 130 m
Weight weithout rope 80 kg
3-phasen AC Drive motor 50 Hz / 400V, 6,8A
Power 3 kW
Intermittent duty 30 %
HIT-TRAC 16 E with reel drive
and tubular frame without rope
Article no.

For rope diameter 8,2 mm 07622/8
For rope diameter 11,2 mm 07622/11

Important: We recommend rope diameter 11,2 mm for lifting, pulling and lowering with safety factor 5.