The professional wire rope pulling machine for pulling loads up to 6,4 tonnes directly.

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Technical Data HIT-TRAC 64 E
Rated force (pulling, lifting, lowering) 6400 kg
Overload protection by thermocouple  
Rope speed max. 2,5 m/min.
Rope length unlimited
Weight incl. engine 240 kg
Rope diameter 20 mm
Effective rope breaking load 300 kN
3-phase AC Drive motor 50 Hz / 400 V, 6,8A
Power 3 kW
Intermittent duty 30 %
HIT-TRAC 64 E without rope Article no.
Standard machine 08056
with variable rope pulling speed on request
with intermittent duty 100 % on request
Tensioning rope Ø 20 mm compacted on request